Station Facilities and Equipment

The Station offers a flexible environment from which to carry out your research. It is important to ensure you discuss all aspects of the station with the Station Manager before submitting your application. The section below provides further information about what facilities and equipment is available on base.


The Arctic Station is very well located in the Ny-Ă…lesund research village, where all central services, including the Kings Bay mess hall, is within walking distance of the Station. There are bicycles available to use during the summer months if required and the Station has it’s own workboat to assist with marine research and deploying field teams outside of the village. NERC Station bedrooms are free to those who have been allocated a room in the  NERC Station. Each bedroom has desk space and suitable storage for those staying longer on base, with computers, with internet, situated in the main living area. Mobile phones do not work in Ny-Ă…lesund, but the station has a main telephone for general calls.


The station comprises four laboratories: a general lab space, a lab annex, a balance lab and a microscope lab. The floor plan is available and a full list of equipment installed in the labs,  can be found under the laboratory equipment list. Brining up your own equipment is possible but  this must first be discussed with the Station Manager. If you do need  to access the laboratories during your time at the Station, please ensure you discuss with the Station Manager in the first instance.

Polar Cirkel Workboat

The Station  owns a Polar Cirkel Workboat which is 5.6m long, can carry a max load of 1000kg and usually up to a maximum of 6 people depending on conditions in the fjord. It can safely access many areas around Kongsfjord with the potential to increase its range to include Krossfjord. The workboat is also regularly deployed to transport field teams and their equipment to field sites further away from the base, for example, to Kvadehuken on the furthest tip of Kongsfjord.

Polar Cirkel Workboat in Kongsfjord

Field safety equipment available at the station

The following list provides an overview of some of the equipment on base. Please note, on arrival on base, the Station Manager will provide training on the use of the NERC rifles and flare pistols. Everyone will  also be required to complete the ‘Weapons and Safety’ course provided by Kings Bay before being allowed into the field.

WeaponaryFor protection from attack by polar bear, individuals or groups must carry a NERC owned or approved rifle and flare pistol outside the immediate station area. At the station manager’s discretion, rifles and flare pistols are allocated to those who have attended a Kings Bay rifle training course in Ny-Ålesund. The NERC Station also provides additional rifle and flare pistol training.
VHF Radios:Hand held VHF radios are available for communication between party members in the field and with the NERC station.
Satellite telephones:The station has Iridium satellite telephones and an Iridium base station telephone.
Search and Rescue:Search and rescue equipment is held on the station. Field stretchers and medical equipment provided by Kings Bay a/s are available. A Puma helicopter equipped with a rescue winch is stationed in Longyearbyen.
Clothing and Equipment:Outer shell cold weather clothing and boots are held on station. Mountaineering and limited camp equipment is also available. Provision of your own skis and boots is recommended. Please discuss with the Station Manager.
Flotation suits:Helly Hansen floatation suits are provided for boating and skidoo travel on sea ice.
CO monitors:The station owns carbon monoxide monitors which must be used in field huts and tents.