Every year, the NERC Arctic Office, together with BAS Operations,  organise a  NERC Arctic Station ‘open’ day. This provides those who are due to go up to the Station an opportunity to meet with the Station team, as well as other project teams. The 2021 station day was held on 25 February and a recording of the event is now available.

Meeting Recording link: https://ukri.zoom.us/rec/share/Woc_zuilArfQuu1q_BWyL6mfh16vTSo6gn38ofyEj-5BwCYSAz_vRKSEeR4fKZuc.XorZvjihzjI1oXQP

Access Passcode: 88Uk5t.7


View of Ny-Alesund with Kongsfjorden in background