Here we will list reports and publications relevant to the UK Arctic research community.

IASC Working Group Reports, 2023: The UK’s representatives in the Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Marine, Social and Human and Terrestrial Working Groups have produced short summaries of the discussions and decisions at this year’s Arctic Science Summit Week in Vienna 2023. The reports are now available here:




Social and Human


UK activities in international funding and networking 2022-23_Final – as presented to the IASC Terrestrial Working Group by UK Representatives, Bob Baxter and Mary Edwards.

A full list of current UK IASC Working Group representatives can be found here.

Looking North: The UK and the Arctic. The United Kingdom’s Arctic Policy Framework – published February 2023: The new Arctic Policy Framework, Looking North: The UK and the Arctic was launched at a reception on 9 February 2023 by Lord Goldsmith, Minister of State with responsibility for the polar regions at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. The report is now available here:

Planet Earth MagazineScience on Ships – this first issue of 2019 (May) includes a section on the Arctic which highlights some of the information included in the recently published Arctic map/information sheet, produced by the BAS Mapping Team and the NERC Arctic Office. It also includes information on  the Changing Arctic Ocean programme, MOSAiC and the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Arctic Map/Information resource – The NERC Arctic Office has worked closely with the mapping team at the British Antarctic Survey to produce an information resource which complements a new map of Greenland and the European Arctic. Further information and where to buy this can be found here. (June 2019)

United Kingdom and Canada: Developing Arctic Connections – this two pager summarises some of the most recent achievements, connections and future potential. (May 2018)

United Kingdom and Arctic Research: A Bright Future – UK Arctic Infographic (October 2017)

The rapidly changing Arctic environment – Implications for policy and decision makers from the NERC Arctic Research Programme 2011-16 (pdf) (September 2017).

The United Kingdom and Arctic Science a document launched on 5th October 2016 by the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership.

NERC Arctic Research Programme: key findings – (September 2016)  a series of booklets that highlight the findings from the NERC Arctic Research Programme. Each booklet addresses one of the four main questions posed of the ARP.

Responding to a changing Arctic: Report published by the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic on the 27th February 2015.

Adapting To Change: UK policy towards the Arctic  (17th October 2013) – In this document, the UK Government, for the first time, has set out its approach to the Arctic. The document sets out how the UK will continue to support and respect the sovereign rights of the Arctic States; the peoples who live and work in the Arctic; and the unique and fragile natural environment. At the same time it outlines the UK’s legitimate interests in the region, our priorities for practical action and our willingness to show leadership in appropriate areas. More information can also be found on the FCO website: