The Arctic Office is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and hosted at British Antarctic Survey (BAS). It is tasked with supporting UK research in the high north; providing advice to policy makers; and developing international scientific cooperation across all aspects of Arctic Research.  It does this through improving communication and connections; ensuring better representation and engagement; and delivering new research opportunities. It also incorporates the management of the UK Arctic Research Station at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard.

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Climate change knows no borders. Because of this, international collaboration is crucial.

@CINUK_ARP, which unites funders like us, rights holders and researchers, supports 13 projects addressing climate-driven changes in Inuit Nunangat.

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A new citizen science weather data rescue project for Greenland

Anyone can help unravel Greenland’s weather history:

At the IASC Council Meeting during #ASSW2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, IASC released its 2024 Bulletin, reporting on the IASC-supported activities over the past years.
Free download -> https://iasc.info/about/publications-documents/bulletin