The Arctic Office is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and hosted at British Antarctic Survey (BAS). It is tasked with supporting UK research in the high north; providing advice to policy makers; and developing international scientific cooperation across all aspects of Arctic Research.  It does this through improving communication and connections; ensuring better representation and engagement; and delivering new research opportunities. It also incorporates the management of the UK Arctic Research Station at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard.

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Back from a successful collaboration with @GCRC_GINR in Greenland on fjordic benthic assemblage responses to climate change. Next visit already planned, and new lab capability up and running. @Arctic_Office @OES_MBERG @OceanEarthUoS

Flew over the Greenland ice cap today, and the extent of ice retreat was evident everywhere. Now in Nuuk to work with @GCRC_GINR on a @Arctic_Office funded collaboration.

View from onboard camera on flight into Greenland today - here to collaborate with @GCRC_GINR, funded by @Arctic_Office to understand benthic responses to amplified climate change @NERCscience @ArcticCouncil @arctic_in @arctic_today @Arctic_Seafloor @CanadaArctic @ArcticStationUC