The Arctic Office is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and hosted at British Antarctic Survey (BAS). It is tasked with supporting UK research in the high north; providing advice to policy makers; and developing international scientific cooperation across all aspects of Arctic Research.  It does this through improving communication and connections; ensuring better representation and engagement; and delivering new research opportunities. It also incorporates the management of the UK Arctic Research Station at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard.

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On Monday our sub-committee on polar research hears from:

· @arcticfrontiers
· @AndyShep_CPOM
· Dr James Lea, @LivUni

· @Arctic_Office
· @BAS_News
· @NERCscience

📺Watch live: http://bit.ly/3P0Gbsw
Full witness details👇http://bit.ly/3J27lLM

Today our cartographers released new Antarctic and Arctic maps - with lots of changes to these fast changing and fragile places:

🧊 ice sheet loss
🌊 new sea ice data
📌 using indigenous town names in the Canadian Arctic

#WorldOceansDay #climatechange

Great to see this detail about the new UK-Japan Arctic Research Bursary Scheme for 2024-25 ❄️

It's aiming to foster new collaborative UK-Japan partnerships on #Arctic and polar marine observation, innovation and technology 👇