Pre and post field season actions

Below is a summary of actions for pre and post field season for funded projects as detailed in the Approval Letter. Any questions, please contact the Station Manager or the Arctic Office Team.

Pre-field season actions:

  • Inform Station Manager of field season dates as soon as possible.
  • Register your project on RiS with proposed field season dates.
  • Liaise with the Station Manager on booking the weapons course and police background check (a reminder that permit applications to the Governor of Svalbard’s office can take 4 weeks to be processed).
  • All fieldwork team members must complete the visitor details form – this will be sent to team members by the BAS Polar Operations Team.
  • Ensure all fieldwork team members complete the BASMU medical forms and book a medical examination with their local GP and dental check up (at least 6 weeks prior to departure from the UK).
  • Complete Risk assessments, CAR and COSHH forms where applicable (at least 4 weeks prior to departure from the UK).
  • All project team members must ensure that they have appropriate insurance cover in place either through their institution or elsewhere for all activities they are engaged in during the work covered by this approval letter. This includes, where relevant, the carrying of firearms; use of and transport in boats; use of skidoos; glacier travel; search and rescue; and carrying of equipment to and from field sites. Please note that is the responsibility of the project team leader and individuals to ensure they have the correct cover.
  • All fieldwork team members to read and sign the BAS Code of Conduct, returning signed copies to the Station Manager before departure from the UK.

Post-field season actions:

  • Complete the Arctic Station Feedback Questionnaire at the end of the field season. This will be sent to you by the Arctic Office.
  • Ensure all publications relating to work carried out at the Station acknowledges the support provided by the NERC Arctic Research Station.