Planning your field season

This section aims to provide you with the all the information required when planning your field season at Ny-Alesund. Further information can also be obtained by contacting the Station Manager, Nick Cox, directly.

Once initial project approval has been obtained from NERC, further personal details for the Project Team, and completed risk assessments and COSHH forms must be submitted to the Station Manager. The Station Manager can provide generic risk assessments for most field activities. Since there is no doctor on site, all applicants should be medically fit and should possess a valid first-aid certificate. Risk assessments should also include potential health problems.

The Station Manager is the logistical point of contact for all approved projects and should receive updates from the Principal Investigators on a regular basis prior to arrival in Ny-Ålesund. Applicants are expected to have appropriate field clothing and footwear for the proposed field activity. A clothing list can be found under Personal equipment and clothing, however, if you have any questions about the suitability of your equipment, please discuss this with the Station Manager Nick Cox.

For their own safety in the field, all researchers are required to carry a rifle when away from base. A firearms training course, which includes familiarisation with the NERC owned rifles is provided at the station in Ny-Ålesund. Further information can be found in the Health and safety section. Please also note, that there is a rifle training course that is held in the UK – please contact Nick Cox in the first instance for further information about this.

The Sysselmann (Governor) of Svalbard has made it obligatory to register research projects in the “Research In Svalbard” (RiS) database maintained by Svalbard Science Forum, Longyearbyen. You will be provided with a RiS number. Please ensure that you send your RiS Number to Nick Cox at your earliest convenience. You will also need to  book your flights from Longyearbyen to Ny-Alesund,  accommodation in Ny-Alesund and any related safety courses you require on the Research In Svalbard website.

Please note that all researchers planning field activities in and around Ny Alesund should recognise that their institute or university has a duty of care to their employees.  Whilst these employees are in transit or undertaking field research on and around Svalbard appropriate insurance arrangements should have been made by the employer to cover their staff whilst abroad.

Travel and Accommodation

Booking flights and accommodation in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund.

Personal clothing and equipment

Lists of essential clothing and personal equipment you will need in the Arctic.

Health and Safety

Code of conduct and safety policy; risk assessments and handling chemicals


Options for transporting cargo to the Arctic

About Svalbard

Location and communications, time zone, local currency and healthcare.