Access to the Station

NERC Arctic Research Station, Courtesy of BAS

Application Form:

NERC Arctic Research Station application form (Word document)


31st March 2017

Application Process:

NERC invites applications for use of the NERC Arctic Research Station. Completed application forms for the summer season (June – September) should be sent before 31 March preceding the intended field season, as an email attachment, to Nick Cox ( and to Nicola Munro ( Please note that the Station is not open in May.

Late applications will be given consideration if there is space available. Those wishing to use the facility in March/April should notify the station manager and submit their application to the Arctic Office ( as soon as possible.

Applications should state the scientific objectives of the research and outline the fieldwork programme proposed for Ny-Ålesund. This information may be published on the NERC website and circulated to other Ny-Ålesund stations. Applicants should indicate any agreed collaborative arrangements, especially those with Norwegian colleagues.

Information on personnel involved, specialised equipment use, storage requirements and the length of stay are also required. For health and safety reasons applications from lone individuals are not accepted. Projects should involve at least two individuals.

Evidence of sources of financial support for research costs, travel and accommodation must be given. Researchers wishing to use the NERC base at Ny-Ålesund will be responsible for their own travel, in transit accommodation costs and Kings Bay Mess Hall charges. For travel costs, please see Svalbard Costs.

To help scientists achieve their scientific goals and to make sure their fieldwork is safe and productive, applicants are required to provide a project description outlining the geographical area(s) in which research will take place, activities proposed and details of the level of field proficiency (i.e. mountain/glacier travel, boat handling etc.) for each member of the project team.

Applicants should note that individuals and/or project teams working in challenging or risky areas, must consider the need for a suitably skilled ‘field assistant’ or ‘guide’ to accompany them in such areas, and if advised that this is necessary, make provision for such an individual. Applicants should note NERC policy on the provision of field assistants, namely the duty of care for HEI researchers rests with their employers and not with NERC.

Each application will be assessed on the science case provided, ensuring it meets the NERC science remit and also logistic requirements.  If the project is approved, a letter will be sent from the Arctic Office to the applicant informing them of the decision. Information on planning your field season can be found on the Planning your field season page.