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Arctic Office Bulletins:

Arctic Office Bulletin – July and August 2017 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – June 2017 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – March 2017 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – February 2017 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – January 2017 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – December 2016 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – November 2016 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – October 2016 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – July 2016 (pdf)

Arctic Office Bulletin – June 2016 (pdf)

Arctic Office Briefing Notes:

Arctic Office Briefing 1-2016: Summary of events from the Arctic Science Summit Week and Arctic Observing Summit 2016.

Arctic Office Briefing 2-2016: UK Arctic Research Station, Ny-Alesund, Svalbard


The Arctic: A Dynamic Environment

A visually compelling film which showcases the global impact and ambition of  The United Kingdom’s Arctic science community. Demonstrating how great ideas, combined with world-class infrastructure and new international partnerships, reveal a dynamic future for the UK in this fragile, and vitally important, part of the world.

Dr Kevin Newsham talks about a changing Arctic:

Dr Kevin Newsham, a Soil and plant ecologist working at the British Antarctic Survey talks about his research on the response of soil microbes to warming in the Arctic. He studies these microbes using open top chambers in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard,  an area experiencing unprecedented change.

Other publications:

The rapidly changing Arctic environment  – Implications for policy and decision makers from the NERC Arctic Research Programme 2011-16 (pdf) (September 2017)

The UK and Arctic Science: a document launched on 5th October 2016 by the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership

NERC Arctic Research Programme: key findings - a series of booklets that highlight the findings from the NERC Arctic Research Programme. Each booklet addresses one of the four main questions posed of the ARP.

Responding to a changing Arctic:

House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic published a report on ‘Responding to a changing Arctic‘ on the 27th February 2015.

Adapting to Change:

Adapting To Change: UK policy towards the Arctic  (17th October 2013) – In this document, the UK Government, for the first time, has set out its approach to the Arctic. The document sets out how the UK will continue to support and respect the sovereign rights of the Arctic States; the peoples who live and work in the Arctic; and the unique and fragile natural environment. At the same time it outlines the UK’s legitimate interests in the region, our priorities for practical action and our willingness to show leadership in appropriate areas. More information can also be found on the FCO website:

Symposium on Arctic Marine and Research Infrastructure, Rome, September 2013

ERA-CAN II Rome Symposium on Arctic and Marine Research Infrastructure, Embassy of Canada, Rome, Italy, September 19-20, 2013: Taken from the report: ‘From September 19-20, 2013, the ERA-Can II project held a high-level symposium on fostering transatlantic collaboration for the development and use of Arctic and marine research infrastructure. This symposium was the closing event for the ERA-Can II Project. Funded by the European Commission and the Government of Canada, and coordinated by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the core objective of the ERA-Can II project is to facilitate the sharing of information, and foster interaction, between the European and Canadian research communities.’ The report is now available for download.

EPB Folder and Information Sheets:

The UK is represented by NERC on the European Polar Board and the Director of BAS is a member of this Board.  EPB brings together all the major polar research nations in Europe and provides a forum for developing cooperation in both science and polar logistics.  It is interested in promoting more European Union funding of polar science under Horizon 2020 and so an EPB action group (including Cynan Ellis-Evans from the Arctic Office) has been developing a promotional flyer and inserts (April 2014). These have provided background on perceived polar research priorities for subsequent meetings with the European Commission to influence the development of the Horizon 2020 work programme. These are now available for download from the EPB website.

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) Scientific Report

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) Synthesis Report — Impacts of a Warming Arctic

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) Assessments

Arctic Obersving Network (AON): Toward a U.S. Contribution to Pan Arctic Observing

A Science Plan For Regional Arctic System Modelling  – A report by the Arctic Research Community for the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs (Source: IARC)

iAOOS: An Ocean-observing System for Northern Seas during the Legacy Phase of the International Polar Year – A report of the Arctic Ocean Sciences Board.


 Arctic Office Newsletters:

Arctic Office Newsletter October 2014

Arctic Office Newsletter – December 2013

Arctic Office Newsletter – July 2013

Arctic Office Newsletter – December 2012

Arctic Office Newsletter – June 2012

Arctic Office Newsletter – May 2011