UK Arctic Research Priorities

A selection of published information concerning UK Arctic issues:

Polar_Science_Working_Group_Report (November 2007)

UK Arctic Stakeholders
Report on the conference held at the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences, Oban (March 2008)

Priorities for future UK marine Arctic research
SOFI (Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative) Workshop Report (March 2009)

Discussion paper for Global Biodiversity Sub-committee of the Global Environmental Change Committee  – Initial report on the GBSC Arctic Biodiversity Research workshop (October 2009)

UK Arctic terrestrial research: achievements and priorities
Summary document from the meeting of the UK Arctic Terrestrial Scientists (13th November 2009)

Adapting To Change: UK policy towards the Arctic

In this document, the UK Government, for the first time, has set out its approach to the Arctic. The document sets out how the UK will continue to support and respect the sovereign rights of the Arctic States; the peoples who live and work in the Arctic; and the unique and fragile natural environment. At the same time it outlines the UK’s legitimate interests in the region, our priorities for practical action and our willingness to show leadership in appropriate areas. More information can also be found on the FCO website: (17th October 2013)