United Kingdom – Japan Arctic Research Bursaries Scheme 2024-25


An opportunity for United Kingdom-based researchers to apply for bursaries to support active participation in new joint partnerships with researchers based in Japan in the 2024-25 season. Please note, the call for applications has now closed.


Researchers in the United Kingdom and Japan are well-placed to develop important new Arctic science partnerships that address pressing research questions. These partnerships can support the development of skill- and knowledge-based networks to strengthen researchers’ capability in both communities; generate innovative technical and observational approaches; and create lasting research connections.

The United Kingdom’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, working closely with the Science and Innovation Network in the British Embassy Tokyo and the NERC Arctic Office, is funding a new bursaries scheme to support new UK-Japan Arctic science connections.

The outcomes of the bursaries programme are expected to support and further develop long-lasting research and collaboration links between UK-based and Japan-based researchers; to provide access opportunities for UK-based researchers to work with new partners in Japan; and develop ideas for future international projects.

Full call document available here (PDF).


David Anderson, Aberdeen University: Arctic Artisanal Whaling in the Circumpolar North

Victoria Dutch, University of East Anglia: Trial of Low-Cost Sensors for the measurement of Arctic Carbon Fluxes

Arwyn Edwards, Aberystwyth University: Cold Shoulders: Understanding the Dynamics of Glacier Surface Ecosystems during Seasonal Transitions

Mehmet Erk, Canterbury Christchurch University: Cross-Cultural Game-Based Learning and Engagement for Arctic Sustainability: A UK-Japan Collaborative Approach

Hua Lu, British Antarctic Survey: How do atmospheric rivers get into the Arctic?

Jenna Sutherland, Leeds Beckett University: The transition from marine- to land-terminating glaciers in Qaanaaq, NW Greenland

Michael Thorne, British Antarctic Survey: From sensor to satellite: A UK-Japan working group on machine learning methods for ship and sea ice interaction

Maud van Soest, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology: Travelling the Arctic regions sustainably: a collaborative journey between the UK and Japan

Gaëlle Veyssière, British Antarctic Survey: Understanding the impact of predicted changes in sea ice within the Sea of Okhotsk