An opportunity for researchers based in the United Kingdom to apply for funding to support their practical engagement and involvement with the work of the Arctic Council’s Working Groups and the priorities and initiatives of the Norwegian Chairship (2023-25).

The initial stages of this opportunity are to register for an information and networking session on 6 December 2023; and the option to submit an expression of interest in receiving funding support to attend a follow-up session at the Arctic Frontiers meeting in Tromsø, Norway between 29 January and 1 February 2024.

Details of the call itself is expected to be provided in early January at the latest with a likely closing date at the end of February. Successful applications will be funded for the 2024-25 financial year.


The Arctic Council is the leading intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation in the Arctic. As the current Arctic Council Chair, Norway is actively pursuing an ambitious programme for their Chairship (2023-25). Arctic Council details:

The United Kingdom has been an Observer to the Arctic Council since 1998. Researchers based in the UK have contributed extensively to the work of the six Working Groups, Expert Groups and Taskforces over many years, sharing expertise, working in partnership and collaborating on new data sources.

To revive and further boost engagement, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology is now funding a new scheme in 2024-25 to support United Kingdom-based researchers in practical engagement with the work programmes of the six Arctic Council Working Groups and the priorities and in initiatives of the Norwegian Chairship of the Arctic Council. The scheme will be delivered in partnership with the NERC Arctic Office and the UK Science Innovation Network.

Information and networking opportunity

There will be an online information and networking session at 0930-1130 GMT on Wednesday 6 December. The session will be supported by the NERC Arctic Office, UK Science and Innovation Network teams, the Arctic Council Secretariat and the six Working Groups. It will provide further information on the funding opportunity and timescales; further information on the current status of projects and activities within Working Groups; and networking opportunities for researchers to talk directly to representatives of the Working Groups and others to identify areas for potential cooperation.

Please register for this session here: Registering is not a requirement to subsequently submit a funding application, but is encouraged.

Expression of interest to attend Arctic Frontiers

There will be a session on the scientific contributions of Observer States to Arctic Council Working Groups as part of the annual Arctic Frontiers conference (29 January – 1 February 2024) in Tromsø, Norway. The session is led by the NERC Arctic Office, UK Science and Innovation Network, Arctic Council Secretariat and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The session will be an important opportunity to informally road-test potential ideas for this funding scheme, meet potential research partners and hear further information about the priorities and work programmes of the six Working Groups and the Norwegian Chairship.

Funding support to attend this session and the Arctic Frontiers conference is available through this scheme, including for registration, flight and accommodation costs. Claims for travel costs must be submitted immediately after the conference and reimbursement can be made either to individual bank accounts or through a university/research centre.

This opportunity is aimed at researchers who are interested in submitting an application for funding support. It is targeted at researchers at Post Doc career and beyond level.

Expressions of interest – one A4 page maximum – in PDF form – should set out brief details of:

  • Your area of interest and expertise
  • University, research centre or institution or other eligible employer
  • Relevant experience, including previous Arctic research and engagement with Arctic Council Working Groups
  • If known, your potential area of interest for a subsequent research funding application

Information on the Arctic Frontiers Conference here: Attendance at the event is not a requirement to submit a funding application.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by Friday 8 December to

Application Details

Full details of the application, including eligibility, funding levels, assessment process and timings are expected to be released in early January 2024 at the latest. It is expected that further information on the detailed work programmes of the Working Groups and other initiatives will be available at that time.

The closing date is likely to be the end of February 2024. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be notified by the end of March. Contracts and funding agreements are expected to be in place during April. Funded work through this opportunity will need to be completed by end of March 2025.

Researchers will be encouraged to develop partnerships with colleagues from Arctic States and non-Arctic Observer States as part of their application. The scheme is aimed at early career as well as established researchers, although PhD and Master’s students will not be eligible as the main applicant. Applications from researchers from groups who are traditionally under-represented in Arctic science will be especially welcome.

Timings are subject to change. By registering for the online event on 6 December you will receive the latest information on the application process. You are strongly encouraged to contact the NERC Arctic Office ahead of submitting the funding application.

Further information

For further information please contact:

Henry Burgess, Head, NERC Arctic Office –

Anne Laugesen, Science and Innovation Officer, UK Embassy Copenhagen –