UK Arctic Projects

UK researchers have a long track record of Arctic research projects funded by UK research councils and through the EU RTD Framework programme. Please contact the Arctic Office if there are any projects missing that should be in these lists.

NERC Arctic Station Projects

A list of projects that have used the Arctic Station since 2003 is now available. This includes the project title, the PI and the institution.

UK-Canada Arctic Partnership Bursaries Programme 2017

The  list of  successful projects awarded bursaries under this programme can be seen in the pdf file below:

UK-Canada Arctic Partnership: Bursaries Programme 2017

Any questions about the programme should be addressed to Henry Burgess – henry.burgess ‘at’

UK NERC funded projects

  • NERC Arctic Grants – 2008 to present — information available on grants from 2008 to 2014. Please note, this information is taken from the NERC Grants on the Web and will be updated on a regular basis.

Please let us know if you notice any gaps by emailing Nicola at

This information is also available from the NERC Grants on the Web site.

EU Arctic projects involving UK researchers

Other UK projects funded from different sources

This list is in progress – please notify the Arctic Office of projects funded with UK researchers that do not appear on either of the lists above.

Title Principal Investigator Institution Funding Source Comments
The role of atmospheric, ice and oceanic interactions in the Marginal Ice Zone Jeremy WilkinsonPeter Wadhams Scottish Association for Marine ScienceDAMPT, Cambridge US Office of Naval Research (ONR) Links to the NERC ARP through TEA-COSI, SEATS and APPOSITE