UK Arctic Research Station, Ny-Alesund: Consultation on Future Provision

1st October 2017

NERC Council have agreed to the transformation of the services and facilities portfolio to increase the effectiveness of its scientific services and facilities for the user community. In line with that commitment, NERC have announced the process for the recommissioning of the UK Arctic Research Station as a large-scale research infrastructure (LRI) within NERC National Capability. Once recommissioned, this will be for a ten year period beginning in April 2018.  (Further details on the timing, process and detailed guidance on the process we will be following is available here.)

We are proud of the station, its safe operation and all the high quality and high impact science that has been enabled by it for over 25 years. The opportunity to think about the future operation and provision of the facility is one that we want to maximise. We are seeking your views on the future operation, content and operation of the station. All users and potential users of the station, and other interested parties are invited to respond to the short consultation by completing the short survey (word document)  below and submitting responses to by Tuesday 31 October 2017.

  UK Arctic Station Consultation  (Word Document)