New Polar Research Sub-Committee explores UK’s relationship to Arctic environment

1st March 2023

The Environmental Audit Committee’s newly-formed Polar Research Sub-Committee has announced an extremely wide-ranging and ambitious inquiry into the United Kingdom’s relationship with the Arctic and its environment. The terms of reference include: the Arctic environment; the United Kingdom’s Arctic interests; and the United Kingdom’s contribution to the Arctic through scientific research.

The Chair of the Polar Research Sub-Committee said: “This Sub-Committee is asking what the consequences may be for the UK of the observed climatic and environmental changes in the Arctic, what form the UK’s strategic Arctic and military interests ought to take, and what impact these may have on the area. We will also be looking at how the UK’s science leadership role in the Arctic can be supported, and the impact on scientific cooperation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

 The Sub-Committee will be taking evidence in person and written evidence. The deadline for written evidence is 20 April 2023. Full details of the terms of reference and how to submit evidence:

The NERC Arctic Office will be submitting evidence. We strongly encourage all those with an interest to also contribute directly to this important inquiry. Respondents can address all or some of the Sub-Committee’s questions.