ECR Review Workshop: How to review for scientific journals

25th April 2022

Have you ever been asked to review a submission to a scientific journal? It can be a daunting prospect for an early career researcher. What’s expected from you as reviewer? What goes into a good review? What do you get out of it? If you know what reviewers are looking at it may also help you communicate your own research in a better way. Join Helle Goldman, who has been the chief editor of Norwegian Polar Institute’s peer-reviewed journal, Polar Research, for 24 years, at a workshop that aims to throw light on these and other questions. Learn from a very experienced editor; share your experiences with your peers.

This event is being held on 10th May, 9am to 11am at the Fram Center during the Arctic Frontiers Conference. Please note, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED FOR THE CONFERENCE TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP BUT YOU DO NEED TO REGISTER AT THIS LINK:

Reviewing Scientific Research Journals (

More information can be found here Reviewing Scientific Research Workshop (

There are also other Early Career Researcher workshops being run by APECS on the 10th May and you can find out more information on the Arctic Frontiers website

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