3rd Arctic Ministerial Research Community Workshops

4th June 2020

“Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic” is the overall theme of the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3). Under that umbrella, four sub-themes are focused on taking action on the most urgent challenges facing the Arctic, which international scientific cooperation can help achieve:

  1. Observe the status of Arctic changes
  2. Understand the local and global impacts
  3. Respond to the changes based on a shared understanding
  4. Strengthen these efforts through education and capacity-building for future generations

The four sub-themes are described in more detail here (https://asm3.org/library/Files/ASM3%20Themes.pdf).

In an effort to engage the broader Arctic research community in the ASM3 process, IASC (https://iasc.info/), IASSA (https://iassa.org/), and APECS (https://www.apecs.is/) are convening two ASM3 Research Community Workshops on 15 June 2020: 

  • First option: 15 June 2020, 8:00-10:00 GMT(17:00 Tokyo, 11:00 Moscow, 10:00 Berlin, 9:00 London). To participate, register at http://tiny.cc/ASM3RCW1
  • Second option: 15 June 2020, 16:00-18:00 GMT (8:00-10:00 Alaska, 12:00 Ottawa / Washington, D.C., 14:00 Nuuk). To participate, register at http://tiny.cc/ASM3RCW2

Please note: the workshops will be held via Zoom, but phone call-in numbers will also be available. The workshops’ working language will be English.

In addition to participating in the online workshops, all members and stakeholders of the Arctic research community (including Arctic residents and Indigenous Peoples) are invited to fill out this survey, which mirrors the workshops’ structure: http://tiny.cc/ASM3ScienceForm

The workshop organizers will make a summary report based on the discussions in the workshops and survey, and this report will be shared with the ASM3 Organizing Committee and Science Advisory Board. If you have any input or questions about these workshops, please contact allen.pope @ iasc.info. If you would like to learn more about engaging in or contributing to the ASM3 process, please contact ml-asm@mext.go.jp.

For further information, please see https://iasc.info/communications/news-archive/631-3rd-arctic-science-ministerial-research-community-workshops