Call for applications to host the ASSW 2024

17th January 2022

The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) accepted the invitation by the NERC Arctic Office and the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership (UKAAP), with the support of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to hold the 2024 Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) and Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) in the United Kingdom.

Applications are now invited from United Kingdom academic institutions, in partnership with others as needed, to act as the local host for this important and high-profile Arctic science event in 2024.

The Arctic Science Summit Week is an annual meeting. The Arctic Observing Summit is biannual, with this year’s ASSW meeting in Tromso, Norway combining both events. Next year’s Arctic Science Summit Week will be hosted by Austria in Vienna. The meeting in the United Kingdom in 2024 will then see both the ASSW and AOS together again. The meetings are well-attended, influential and an important opportunity to demonstrate the vitality of the Arctic science community within the host country, as well as its international Arctic research commitments and aspirations.

Applications are welcome from single institutions or a consortium. It is expected that the lead organisation will be an academic institution with a strong track record and commitment to Arctic science. Consortium partners do not have to be academic institutions but should be public or similar bodies with a commitment to Arctic science and researchers. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend (online or in-person) and participate in a range of events at the ASSW2022 meeting held in Tromso this March, in order to gain familiarity with the operation of the event ahead of submitting an application.

The ASSW will, in principle, be in late March or early April 2024 taking into account the Easter holidays and other international meetings. Dates that differ significantly from that time frame require prior approval from the IASC Executive Committee. Applicants should identify preferred dates taking into account the details within the ASSW ‘Playbook’ but also indicate the degree of flexibility that they have with these dates and should be prepared to finalise dates in discussion with NERC Arctic Office, UKAAP, FCDO and the IASC Secretariat. A copy of the ASSW ‘Playbook’ will be provided to all interested parties – please contact

Applications should be a maximum of 5 pages A4 (with any supporting letters, documentation or venue brochures/details in addition). The applications will be assessed on and should provide evidence of:

– full acceptance of the provisions set out in the ‘Playbook’ created by the IASC Secretariat to facilitate the ASSW and AOS meetings; and sufficient practical details on how the proposed host institution/s intends to meet the requirements set out in the Playbook;

– details of previous experience of hosting similar-sized international science events, wherever applicable;

– a strong commitment to work in close partnership with the NERC Arctic Office and UKAAP, in addition to the IASC Secretariat and the AOS committee, in the planning, delivery and follow-up to the ASSW2024

– how the applicant intends to ensure that their hosting reflects and promotes the breadth, depth, ambition and international engagement of the full range of IASC Arctic science disciplines across the United Kingdom, and the active and positive role played by UK-based researchers, academic institutions and others in Arctic science;

– a commitment to and practical suggestions for public outreach and engagement connected to the hosting of the event;

– an undertaking for the event – through participant registration fees, sponsorship and similar routes – to be appropriately self-financing and run on a not-for-profit basis; and

– a strong commitment to the inclusion of those groups traditionally under-represented in polar science in the planning and delivery of ASSW2024.

The evaluation of applications and the final decision will be taken by the NERC Arctic Office, UKAAP & FCDO. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their submission by 1 June 2022, with the expectation that a public announcement will be made, partnership with IASC and AOS, shortly afterwards.

Applications should be sent to the NERC Arctic Office via by 1600 on Friday 29 April. Confirmation of receipt will be provided.

Further information
We welcome the opportunity to talk through anything connected to the application or the hosting of ASSW2024. Please contact in the first instance if you would like to do so or have any specific questions.

Thank you

Henry Burgess, NERC Arctic Office
Prof Martin Siegert, UKAAP