MOSAiC: Floe-scale observation and quantification of Arctic sea ice breakup and floe size during the autumn-to-summer transition (MOSAiCFSD) 

Who are the people in the team?

Dr Byongjun (Phil) Hwang (PI), (the University of Huddersfield, School of Applied Sciences)

Dr Jinchang Ren, (Co-Investigator), (the University of Strathclyde, Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

International partners

Jennifer Hutchings (Oregon State University, USA)

Jinlun Zhang (Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, USA)

Christ Horvat (Brown University, USA)

 What are the questions asked in the framework of the MOSAiC project?

Here we improve our understanding of how winter ice dynamics and conditions control ice breakup and floe size in summer. We hypothesize that the seasonal cycle of sea ice freeze-up, deformation, breakup and melt would be an important feedback that affects the decline of Arctic sea ice. To test this hypothesis, we plan to observe the full seasonal evolution of small-scale deformation, breakup and melt using high-precision GNSS buoys, helicopter surveys, and satellite data. The new data sets and knowledge generated from this project will be used to develop, calibrate and validate new/existing model parameterisations of sea ice-ocean and climate models, improving climate projection in the Arctic.

When will the team be on the ship?

Currently we have one berth (one person) on Leg 5 or Leg 6.

How are you getting to the ship?

Likely Swedish Oden or Chinese SOA Xue Long.

What else have you worked on?

The team have many years of research on sea ice dynamics and remote sensing, as well as sea ice-ocean and climate modelling.

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