MOSAiC – Seasonal evolution

MOSAiC: Seasonal evolution of Ku– and Ka-band backscattering horizon over snow on first-year and multiyear sea ice

Who are the people in the team?

Prof Julienne Stroeve (PI), (University College London)

Dr Jeremy Wilkinson (PI), (British Antarctic Survey)

Dr Michel Tsamados (Co-Investigator), (University College London)

International project partners

Dr Robert Ricker (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany)

Dr Stefan Hendriks  (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany)

Dr Vishnu Nandan (University of Victoria. Canada)

What are the questions asked in the framework of the MOSAiC project?

We want to better characterise how radar penetration varies in snow over sea ice through a full seasonal cycle. Current convention assumes a fixed penetration depth to retrieve sea ice thickness from satellite radar altimeters, but this has been shown to now always be true. Since sea ice thickness is key to monitoring ice volume changes, we need to better understand how radar penetration varies over time and over different ice types.

When will the team be on the ship?

Currently we have one berth space for one person to join the ship in leg 2 or leg 3 (project partners from Germany will be on in leg 1 and leg 4). We have additionally requested 3 more legs through ARICE funding opportunity to allow early career participation and cover all legs.

 What else have you worked on?

The last decade or so has focused on monitoring sea ice changes from satellite and understanding drivers of current sea ice loss and future forecasts of ice conditions.

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