NERC Research Vessels

James Clark Ross, Ny-Alesund

The UK does not possess ice-breakers but does have two ice strengthened research/resupply vessels (RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton) that operate primarily in the Antarctic in support of BAS research activities, though the James Clark Ross now also operates most summer seasons primarily in the eastern Arctic Ocean.

NERC has two further large research vessels, the RRS Discovery and the more recently acquired RRS James Cook, both of which can work in polar waters but not in the presence of sea-ice.

 RRS James Clark Ross

Itinerary, cruise planning, technical data and facilities.

RRS Ernest Shackleton

Itinerary, cruise planning, technical data and facilities.

RRS Discovery

About and ship specifications.

RRS James Cook

About and ship specifications.

Marine Facilities Planning

How to apply for marine facilities to support marine science.

Programme of Cruises 2014-15

For the RRS Discovery, RRS James Cook and RRS James Clark Ross.

Ocean Facilities Exchange Group (OFEG)

Useful information on barter exchange and co-operation opportunities for the Global and Ocean Class research fleet. The UK are also involved in several European schemes, for example, EUROFLEETS providing further opportunities for barter work.