Summary note from the MOSAiC Workshop: Opportunities, Funding and Next Steps

The NERC Arctic Office hosted a full day workshop on MOSAIC, the International Arctic Drift Expedition on the 17th July at the Aurora Innovation Centre in Cambridge.

MOSAiC is a year-round international expedition into the central Arctic Ocean to explore the Arctic climate system. It has been designed by a consortium under the umbrella of the International Arctic Science Committee, led by AWI, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russian Federation) and the University of Colorado. The focus of MOSAiC is on direct in-situ observations of the climate processes that couple the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, bio-geochemistry and ecosystem.

The Workshop was attended by approximately 25 people, including Prof. Klaus Dethloff, the co-lead coordinator of MOSAiC who gave an update on the latest scientific and implementation plans and highlighted the opportunities for international engagement.  A summary note from this Workshop is  now available here, along with the overview presentation from Prof. Dethloff detailing latest updates on this initiative, and also a presentation given by Henry Burgess, Head of the Arctic Office, highlighting opportunities for UK engagement.

Also to note, the MOSAiC Team will be hosting a MOSAiC Implementation Workshop in St. Petersburg on the 13th – 16th November. This workshop will be an important step in the planning of the MOSAiC expedition. The aim will be to coordinate the scientific work on board of RV Polarstern and the distributed network. Further details about this Workshop, the agenda and how to register, along with travel and Visa information, is available from the MOSAiC website here.